Something is brewing….

Dear Hop Beer Shopper,

Thanks to the amazing support from our loyal customers and the craft beer community we are finally able to make a massive leap forward..

Over the last months we have been able to work out a partnership that , in our eyes, will allow us to fully focus on quality and growth for Hop Beer Shop.
This partnership will not only allow us to fully commit to sharing our love for craft beers but will also bring some changes to the way we share that.


As of September 1st 21' we will be actively assisted by our partner to help us better the way we share this love. They will help us improve the back and front-end of the business, boost product quality, optimize revenue streams and supply efficiency, streamline warehouse processes and so on…

Changes will be made gradually over the next 6 months, many of them won’t be directly visible to the end consumer but we hope to show our inhouse changes with delivering the best possible product, shipping and customer service quality.

To ease your mind, no we have not traded equity or sold our souls.
We will continue to strife for the best possible pricing, rarest beers and most personal customer experience and services.
We will stay the Hop Beer Shop that you know and expect us to be, just a bit better and hopefully bigger.

Oww, we’re preparing to bring back super fresh crowlers! can’t wait! excited! (expected Late September 21')

Communication and engagement

As hop freaks ourselves, we do not only want to be selling to the community, we also want to be actively engaging with our fellow hop freaks.
We have committed to making a couple of changes in the way we do that.
We wanna open up the way we discuss and decide about our business practices.

To find out what we mean with that and how we plan to implement.
Please Follow us on

Obviously, our direct lines of communication about your purchases stay the way they are.

Lets Celebrate!

Next to you guys getting a wider range of products to choose from, fresher beers and probably some super cool merch, we also wanna share this moment with you, right now! through an indirect celebratory drink!

For all active members (Account holders at Hop Beer Shop) there will be
a discount code of 20% arriving to your account/email very soon!
If your not an active member… Well here you go 10% off, use CODE: 10FORALL (Same rules apply, Europe shipping only)
Use it any way you desire but be quick and decisive as they will be gone once we list our first crowler!

Again, thank you guys so much for the trust and loyalty to our shop, we are fully committed to bringing you fresh beers for many years to come!

Yours Sincerely,

Hop Beer Shop Team <3 

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