Introducing Flat rate on EU-shipping & shipping clarification.

Dear, loyal HCB customer

With the continuously growing demand for shipping across the globe and the extreme, ongoing influx of shipping costs Covid-19 has caused we had to make some changes to the way we deal with shipping costs.

Nobody benefits from increasing shipping costs.
With this in mind, we try to carefully place and balance costs.
As much as we would like to take the hit, we also wanna continue delivering quality without any compromises, continue growing our product range and on stay on top of market changes in order to be and stay relevant for you.

Shipping costs
Shipping for our neighboring countries will stay as is, local carrier costs apply for NL, BE, DE and LUX.
Once the shipping cost hits 10% of order value, Free shipping will kick in. (Values are rounded)
The Netherlands:
Base cost:   €5,55 Shipping
                    €1,55 Age check ( Req by law)
Free shipping on orders above €75
Base cost:   €9,00 Shipping
Free shipping on orders above €100
Base cost:   €9,50 Shipping
Free shipping on orders above €100
Base cost:   €10,00 Shipping
Free shipping on orders above €100
(Use ACCESS loyalty program to save for free shipping)

Introducing Flat rates for EU-shipping
For the other countries we ship, we are introducing flat rates. Categorized by initial shipping costs. 
Countries selected for €9,99 flat fee rate, include:
Austria       down from  €14,25
Denmark                       €14,75
France                          €14,25
Italy                               €15,50
Spain                            €16,00
we only charge net costs no tax is added to shipping costs.

For all other countries there is no way to relieve your pain off €20+ shipping fees but we will definitely try to with adding some goodies, glasses or crowlers to your package.

We hope these changes will create a sustainable base to continue on in the future as we don't expect shipping costs to decline.
If they do decline, yes we will obviously reduce our shipping fee's,
we rather have you enjoy an extra beer than pay for shipping!

If you have any questions about shipping costs or custom shipping requests, 
Please contact

Kind regards, Yours truly, 
Hop Craft Beers <3

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